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Hydro Grass Starter Kit

Hydro Grass Starter Kit

Hydro Grass Starter Kit
Hydro Grass: Revolutionary One-Step Lawn Hydroseeding System. Starter Kit.
Do you have dry spots on your lawn, high traffic area damage, or patches where the grass just won’t grow? Get the lawn you want in just one easy step with this fast, and practical system: introducing Hydro Grass by Canada Green!
The Hydro Grass formula sticks to the ground and gets you a perfect lawn in just one application and one easy step!
It even grows on slopes and in poor soil areas!
Professionals around the world have been using Hydro Seeding for decades to seed large areas. Now we bring this technology to your home with the New Revolutionary Hydro Grass System!
Simply attach Hydro Grass to your garden hose like any other watering sprayer, and turn ON the valve!
Spray Hydro Grass and you’ll Seed, Fertilize, Water and nourish the soil all at once! Get amazing results in just a few days.
Enough to cover up to 700 sq. ft. (65m2). (Over-seeding on existing lawn).

Refill Kit available. CLICK HERE.
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