XL100STORE Home Products Security Set of 2 Atomic Beam Tap Light

Set of 2 Atomic Beam Tap Light

Set of 2 Atomic Beam Tap Light

Set of 2 Atomic Beam Tap Light

How many places around your home do you wish you had extra light?
Here is the Atomic Beam Tap Light with the latest in stick up LED technology!
Just peel and stick for instant bright light anywhere you need it!
The secret's Atomic Beam's flat panel touch technology that lights up "Atomic-bright"!
For all those spaces in your home where you never seem to have enough light, just peel it & and stick it for instant bright light!
And if your attic light isn't up for the task, no problem, just add an Atomic Beam Tap Light. Peel and stick it underneath cabinets!
For extra light aimed right where you want it!
Use Atomic Beam Tap Light inside pantries and cupboards to quickly find what you need! Just tap it for instant bright hands-free light!
Anywhere you don't have the proper light to see, add the Atomic Beam Tap Light and work hands-free!
Keep one on your nightstand - It's the ultimate bedside light - just tap it and let it safely guide the way!
Kid's LOVE using Atomic Beam Tap Lights as nightlights!
They stay cool to the touch and install anywhere, so they're easy to reach!
You can peel and stick it to just about anything and best of all, it's Atomic Bright!
Anywhere anytime, give it a tap, and you've got instant bright light!
Atomic Bean Tap Light was made to make your life safer and easier inside and out! Because they're water resistant, too!
It can even replace a broken interior light in the trunk of your car!
So say goodbye to fumbling with flashlights, or burning candles if the power's out!

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