XL100STORE SideSleeper Pro Air Pillow

SideSleeper Pro Air Pillow

SideSleeper Pro Air Pillow

SideSleeper Pro Air Pillow
Side Sleeper Pro Air is a uniquely designed pillow that naturally aligns your neck and back to make side sleeping easier for a more comfortable night's sleep.
The Therapeutic Neck and Back Pillow Unique contour cradles your back to help correct your sleep posture.
Bean pellets inside expandable Polystyrene (EPS) for extra comfort.
The amazing pillow helps correct your sleep posture, correctly positions your head and neck so you will sleep properly and wake up refreshed.
Helps reduce stiffness by giving you the support you need.
Improves your sleep posture to help you get a great night sleep.
Ideal for everyday use, airline travel and road trips and pregnant women.
Naturally Moulds to Your Neck and Spine.
Helps correctly position your head and neck
Helps to wake up refreshed after a good night sleep.
Helps to reduce stiffness on neck and shoulders.
Unique design cradles neck and spine for an amazing, tranquil nights rest.

Includes: 1 x Side Sleeper Air Pillow 1 x Matching Pillowcase.
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