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Slushy Magic

Slushy Magic
Make Slushies In Seconds! The Magic is Snowflake Science! Slushy Magic Freezer Cubes get super cold in the freezer!
Just toss 'em into the Shaker Cup, add any cold drink, then shake it up. Watch as Slushy Magic™ instantly slushifies your drink - It's That Easy!
The Magic Freezer Cubes are Re-Freezable & Re- Usable! Use 'Em Over & Over Again...The Fun Never Ends!
The best part about Slushy Magic is that it is so quick and easy to use. Instead of wasting time on getting out a blender and a bag of ice, a slushy can quickly be made by throwing a few cubes in a cup and shaking it up.
The plastic used in every kit is BPA-free, meaning it poses no danger to young children.
It’s also non-toxic, which is important for everyone.
Each product is also very durable and designed for reuse, so you won’t have to worry about cubes breaking while you shake up your drink.
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